Iceberg Management develops – based on a concentrated analysis – the necessary strategies and concepts for sustainable change processes and modern business models using sound and crisis-proven methodologies.

We support owners in the implementation by consulting and/or taking over interim management functions by change experienced managers.

In addition to operational implementation skills we have longstanding experience in corporate finance and capitalization and thus increase the chance of sustainable corporate development.

managementTaking responsibility is essential for successful change!

The time factor plays a significant role in successful changes processes. Our practice and change experienced managers are used to dealing with such situations and provide quick results. Thereby the ability to leadership is a key success factor.

To ensure the quality of our work we implement each project based on the 4 – eyes principle.

fundingThe higher the time pressure the more important is short term securing of funding.

We take all the required measures necessary negotiating refinancing and new funding with banks, suppliers, investors and all other stakeholders.

Thereby we give the change process the necessary financial backing.

business modelEvaluation of the business model requires sound market and competitive analysis in relation to own strengths and weaknesses.
Based on our experience we analyze the current situation in short time, develop alternative scenarios – if required – and implement them.

Thereby we are very familiar with the possibilities and conditions of digitization, the internet and all new market mechanisms (industry 4.0) to make the business model future proof.

skillsOnce the business model has been adapted to strengthen or restore the market position to the new challenges the right skills are required in the company to be able to implement the new strategies.

Therefor we develop the requirement profiles, evaluate, train and coach existing staff and appoint new where necessary.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the strategy is understood and lived by each employee. Hence it must be formulated crispy to be implementable.

family governanceRestructuring is only truly sustainable if the owner fully supports the company.

We assist with the development of a set of rules – a so called Family Governance – giving the company a stable and predictable frame by the owner family.


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